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The Androscoggin along with the Willoughby are perhaps the two most unusual fast growing trees on our list.

The Androscoggin is a type of hybrid poplar. The full scientific name is: Androscoggin H.P.510-N.E.Clone 41 Populus Maximowiczii x. Populus Trichocarpa . It is essentially a cross of the Asian Poplar and the American Poplar, and it is a clone meaning that it is produced by cuttings rather than seeds.

The Androscoggin has a life span of over 40 years which is remarkable for a fast growing tree. It is also one of the fastest growing trees around. The Androscoggin can grow as fast as two feet per month when the temperatures are above 75 degrees F. The Androscoggin will grow in nearly every zone in the United States.

The Androscoggin will grow to the nice shade tree shape reaching 50 feet in height and a 40 foot spread.

The World of Androscoggin and where to find them

The Androscoggin is used as a shade tree, it is used as a wind break. It is becoming a very popular tree. Androscoggins are hard to come by in some parts of the country. I am going to give you a link to a tree farm in Washington that sells the Androscoggin, but first let me share with you some trees that are similar to the Androscoggin.

Being that the androscoggin is a hybrid poplar, any poplar will be comparable with the right amount of care. The black cottonwood is known as the populus trichocarpa. It grows to nearly 100 feet tall, and is the largest of all cottonwoods which are a type of poplar. It is an awesome tree that has all of the same values as the androscoggin, but along with that is a very unique looking tree and a very large tree. If you have room on your property, plant a black cottonwood, and you will have a majestic tree that you will love for many years to come.

The hybrid poplar mentioned on another page is also very comparable to the androscoggin. It has similar growth rates and longevity, and looks just like the androscoggin. You may not be able to tell the difference between the two.

The Carolina Poplar is another tree that is comparable to both the androscoggin and the willoughby. It grows at a rate of up to 8 feet per year, and has a very narrow form like the willoughby. It can top out at over 120 feet tall.

The Siouxland poplar grows to 80 feet and is a cottonless cottonwood. It is a very fast growing shade tree, and is also very tolerant of alkaline conditions as well as pollutants. It may be the most comparable to the androscoggin.

The Lombardy poplar is another contender for the androscoggin and willoughby. It is columnar like the willoughby, and grows to 90 feet. A very fast growing tree.

So, if you are interested in the androscoggin, don't limit yourself to just this clone. It is from the species "populus", so it is still a poplar. Look for poplars that are well suited to your climate, and you will have your own fast growing tree. You will be amazed at how fast poplars grow. In cooler climates such as zone 4, the poplar and willow are the two fastest growing trees, and the most popular.

If you are still interested in the androscoggin, here is the link to Sprucewood Farm. http://www.fasttrees.com.