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Fast Growing Pine Trees

Jack Pine is the first one on our list of fast growing pine trees. Its scientific name is Pinus banksiana. It grows well in extremely inhospitable enviornments and poor soil conditions it is hardy to zone 2 which makes it suitable for Northern growers. It grows to 70 feet tall, and is one of the few pine trees that transplant well. Most fast growing pine trees are not well suited to transplant, but the jack pine is.

Another example of Fast Growing Pine Trees is the Lodgepole Pine or scientifically speaking, Pinus contorta latifolia. It is one of the great western trees. It is the tree that is most widely used in the construction of log cabins. The reason it is so well suited to use in log building construction is because it grows with very little stem taper--the trunk is the same diameter from top to bottom, so it can be used to build walls evenly. It grows to over 75 feet tall, and is a zone 4 tree, so it is more widely adaptable than the Jack Pine. Perhaps only one other tree is as identifiable as the lodgepole pine in the iconic western landscape and that is the quaking aspen.

Our third fast growing pine tree is the western yellow pine which is also known as the ponderosa pine or pinus ponderosa. The mountains of Northern California are full of these fast growing pine trees. They are a zone 4 tree also, and do grow among lodgepole pines. These are one of the largest fast growing trees growing to over 200 feet tall! The pine cones are very large, and are desirable for use in arts and crafts. They have a very defined bark and are a very beautiful tree which are seeing increased use as a landscaping tree in the intermountain west.

Fast growing pine tree number four is the Scotch Pine. It is a zone 3 tree and grows to 60 feet. Like the Norway Spruce, the Scotch Pine is used in the Christmas Tree business because of its perfect shape, and the ability to be sheared into the right shape if necessary. Unlike the spruce, it retains its needles better after harvest, so it is preferred over the spruce for Christmas Trees.

Number five on our list of Fast Growing Pine Trees is the Austrian Pine. This tree is similar to the Scotch Pine. It grows to 60 feet also, and is a zone 4 tree. It is very well suited to use as a windbreak.

Jack Pine Fast growing pine tree

Understanding the Fast Growing Pine Tree

Pine trees are not as fast growing as some deciduous trees are. They can grow rather quickly if they are started right from the beginning. If you are considering planting pine trees as a fast growing tree, it is best if you read through the information on how to make any tree a fast growing tree so that you understand what goes into making trees grow vigorously.