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****New**** Newly updated and improved plans allow you to use your greenhouse as a square foot garden planter box!!!

Whether you know them as a greenhouse, a hoop house, a high tunnel, or a cold frame, they all do the same thing. They help you extend your growing season, and produce bigger and better flowers, vegetables and fast growing trees. The square foot garden/greenhouse plans will allow you to perform double duty with your greenhouse and allow you to start growing sooner!!

Begin a new hobby this year. Build your own greenhouse and grow your own vegetables or flowers or fast growing trees. Start seeds or soft wood cuttings. Do you know how much you spent last year buying tomato starts at your local garden center? Do you know how affordable seeds are? How would you like to get more crops of cool weather vegetables like lettuce, spinach and peas? Make your leisure time more productive while still being relaxing.

This greenhouse is a very compact and easy way to grow your own plants and trees and start them much earlier than you would otherwise be able to. Enjoy the fun and rewarding hobby of growing your own plants in a greenhouse!

greenhouse plans

Growing trees in a greenhouse is a great way to get a head start on the summer growing season. The best method for growing trees is to start your trees in a greenhouse about six or eight weeks before the last frost. Then when the risk of last frost is past, you have good tree seedlings that can be moved out into the natural growing world where they can be strengthened and invigorated by the movement caused by the wind.

You can build this greenhouse yourself with materials available at any Home Depot for less than $50! You may even have some of the materials just laying around your house already! It's so easy to build, you can build it in one afternoon. You will not find a more economical greenhouse that can withstand the wind!! The only tools you need are a tape measure, a saw, a drill, and a knife.


You can place this greenhouse directly over your garden spot and plant directly in the earth, then move the greenhouse off after the last frost. ---Even better, build the square foot garden/greenhouse box and grow more in less space in a raised bed.

Or you can place your greenhouse anywhere you like and grow your plants in pots which can then be transplanted into the ground, or brought inside or whatever you like.

Do I need to heat the greenhouse? Yes, trees and other plants need to be warm, and the sun won't always provide enough warmth, especially at night, in the late winter or early spring. Just find a sheltered spot in your yard that gets good sunlight and very little wind, (wind cools down your greenhouse faster) and use a small electric heater on a thermostat to keep the temperature above 50 degrees. The sun will keep it warm during the day. If you wait until later in the spring, you will need a lot less supplemental heat.

What about ventilation? The sides are designed to be rolled up to allow for ventilation. You won't need this until really late in the spring when the sun's rays heat the greenhouse over 85 degrees, then just roll the sides up a little bit to cool things down, and roll them back down at night. Your fast growing trees and other plants will grow their best if they are kept nice and warm, but not hot.

Greenhouse dimensions are 8'L x 5'W x 45"