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How To Make Any Tree A Fast Growing Tree

Any tree can be a fast growing tree. All you have to do is follow some important steps from the very beginning and you can make any type of tree grow at an incredible rate.


The roots are the key to any fast growing tree. You need to start with your seed or cutting and create an extremely fibrous root system. The process involved is known as air root pruning. The tree is started in a container with holes and channels rather than in a smooth sided pot. This special container directs the roots to grow towards the holes. When the root reaches the hole, it grows out of the pot and into the air where it no longer can survive, and its growth is stopped. When the end stops growing, the root is stimulated to grow new branches which are known as secondary roots. These roots then do the same thing as the first. Once this step is completed, the tree is then transplanted into a larger sized container which has the same air root pruning setup. The process of root branching is continued. At the end of the first growing season, the tree is then ready to be planted into the ground either in its permanent home or in a farm to be raised to a larger size for resale. Roots are the most important factor to make any tree a fast growing tree. One more thing, the more roots near the surface, the bigger and faster growing tree. When you plant fast growing trees in a pot, you need to plant them in a suitable growth media. Regular dirt will not work. Trees started in a greenhouse also allow you to get a jump start on the growing season. One factor in fast growing trees is that they need warmth to grow.



Trees need sun. That is something that needs to be understood. The sun shines on the leaves and the process of photosynthesis takes place. This allows the tree to convert carbon dioxide into the sugars that it needs in order to grow. Without sun, this cannot take place.

Plant your trees in a location where they can take advantage of long periods of direct sunlight, especially while they are small. When trees become fully mature, they are usually tall enough to obtain adequate sun no matter where they are planted, but while they are small, they need to be nurtured with direct sun.


To make any tree a fast growing shade tree, you need to feed it, just like you would feed an animal or a child to help them grow, a tree needs to be fed from day one.

Slow release fertilizer is the best method of feeding any tree for two reasons. First, it prevents you from burning or injuring the tree. The second reason is that slow release fertilizers release the nutrients when the tree needs them. When the demand for fertilizer is high, it is released at at high rate, when it is low, it is not released as much.

Soil Aeration

Soil needs to be airy for the fibrous root system to continue to develop and spread. To make any tree a fast growing shade tree, you need to break up the compaction of the soil. A three foot wide and deep hole for each tree is necessary. If you are planting a windbreak, get someone with a tractor mounted rototiller to till the entire swath, then be careful how much you step on the dirt, you don't want it to become compacted again, so once you're done, planting the tree, stay off the dirt.

Weed Control 

Don't use black plastic to keep weeds under control. It won't let air down through the soil to let the roots breath. In fact, it will heat the soil to the point that it will cook the uppermost roots which will dramatically set back your efforts.

If you want to use weed control fabric, use just that. It will allow air and water to reach the roots, but the drawback is that it is still usually black, which will still cook the roots, so if you choose to use weed control fabric, you need to mulch over it with bark in order to keep the roots cooler in the middle of summer.

The best way to control weeds around your newly planted trees is to use a pre-emergent herbicide. This will allow the natural soil to be exposed and will make any tree a fast growing tree. There are many pre-emergent herbicides available.


Keep your trees wet. Don't drown them, but don't let them dry out either. To make any tree a fast growing tree, they need water. Install an automatic watering system. This will allow you to water consistently. Consider using drip irrigation. It is very effective, and also prevents water from being wasted. Another major benefit of drip irrigation is that it doesn't water anything but the tree, so any weeds that may be trying to grow in the area will not be getting any help from you.

If you set up an automatic watering system, you should water your trees two or three times a day. Morning, afternoon and evening. If you are using overhead watering, and you live somewhere that is windy, the afternoon watering may not be as effective, so you may want to cut it out.

How much to water is dependent upon the heat. How much water is being lost through evaporation and evapotranspiration? In the dead of summer, you should water the typical seedling about 1 gallon per day. As the tree gets larger, increase the amount of water. This is where drip irrigation is so effective because you can put an emitter on the tree that has a specific flow and set the timer to put out a precise amount of water to each tree.