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Royal Empress Tree

Three years is all it takes for the Royal Empress Tree to reach full maturity.The Royal Empress Tree is referred to by its scientific name Paulownia Elongata. It is a patented hybrid of the Empress tree. It can grow as fast as 15 feet in its first year and easily reach over 30 feet tall by the end of the third growing year. It can reach over 75 feet tall at its tallest.

Th Royal Empress tree is a highly prized fast growing tree because of its blooms. The flowers are lavender and have a yellow center and are positively huge! They can be as large as a foot long! Then, while in leaf throughout the summer, they Royal Empress Treeprovide tremendous shade with their oversized leaves which can be nearly one and a half feet across. Finally, when autumn comes, the leaves turn golden yellow similar to the quaking aspen.

The Royal Empress tree is a full tree with the height and spread nearly equal making it a terrific specimin tree that can be a focal point of the landscape.

Be sure to give this fast growing tree plenty of room to spread its branches.

Uses for the Royal Empress Tree

The fast growing Royal Empress tree has tremendous value beyond the landscape. Its ability to remove carbon from the air is tenfold more than any other known tree which makes it a very "green" tree.

It also is very desirable as a hardwood lumber because it is generally free of knots. It provides tremendous shade and landscape interest. It does well in full sun and grows in zones 5 through 11.

The Royal Empress Tree is among the most popular of the fast growing trees.

More Information on the Royal Empress Tree

Some people are having fantastic growth rates with the royal empress trees. They are getting in excess of 15 feet per year of growth! Sometimes these as well as many other fast growing trees will appear to die, but come up from the root with a new trunk or leader, especially if they were purchased bare root. The owner then thinks the royal empress tree has died, and cut off the dead wood all the way to the ground. the next year, a new shoot comes up and astonishes them by growing taller than the house that summer. That can happen with nearly all of the fast growing trees because they are so hearty.

The royal empress tree is a very adaptable tree. It can grow in avery wide range of soil types from sand to clay to loam and everywhere in between. It is extremely disease resistant, and insects are not a major problem outside of the usual things like aphids.

The range of climates that the royal empress tree can thrive in is amazing. It can grow in nearly every state in the United States.

The Royal Empress Tree is also known as the Princess Tree, the Foxglove Tree, and in Chinese, pao tong.

Even fire cannot kill the royal empress tree because after the fire passes, the tree will regenerate from the roots, and the new growth will come on very rapidly, and in another three years, you will have a full grown royal empress tree.

In the 1800s, the Chinese used the seeds of the royal empress tree to package fine China to prevent breakage in transit. Sometimes the packages would break open, or somehow allow the seeds to escape which is one reason why the royal empress tree is prolific in areas not native to the species.

A way to make your royal empress tree produce exceptionally large leaves is to pollard it. This process is essentially topping it, and keeping it pruned back. One drawback of this process is that your tree will not flower, as flowers are only produced on mature wood which will never develop if you cut it back each year. So its up to you what to do with your fast growing royal empress tree.