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Shantung Maple

The Shantung Maple is known as the Acer Truncatum. The Shantung Maple is a terrific alternative for people who want a japanese maple. It has similar delicate leaves, but is much more hardy. It has more dense foliage than the red maple.

The Shantung Maple is a small fast growing tree reaching only about 25 feet in height and spread, so is good for the small yard like the Amur Maple.

Like other maples, the Shantung Maple can show fall color ranging from gold to orange to red. Certain cultivars may be more predictable in their fall colors. The Shantung maple is hardy from zones 4 through 8.

Shantung MapleUses for the Shantung Maple

It is very hearty and fast growing. The Shantung Maple is a beautiful small landscape tree. It is a fast growing tree.