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Soft Wood Cuttings

A soft wood cutting is a way of cloning your fast growing tree and making a whole new tree. It is considered asexual reproduction because it does not require a fertilized seed. This procedure can be used on the following fast growing trees:

How to make a soft wood cutting

The first consideration when making a soft wood cutting is that you cannot do this on any tree that is patented. It may technically work, but it is dishonest, so don't do it.

Soft wood is wood from this year's growth. You can tell if it is this year's growth because it will feel softer, and look different. The way to take a cutting is to wait until the wood has hardened a bit, usually in June or July, then cut the last seven inches of wood from the end of a branch. Now you have your cutting

To make the cutting take root, there are two methods: Stick it in the ground and keep it watered, or stick it in a jar of water until root buds start to show, then plant it and keep it watered. You need to experiment to find which way works best with your fast growing trees.

The way to achieve the highest success when rooting your softwood cuttings is to plant them in a special box and utilize a misting system to keep the leaves wet until the roots can develop. The manual for How to Start Your Own Backyard Tree Farm provides detailed instructions on how to build and implement such a system.

There is a lot of complicated information out there on how to root soft wood cuttings, don't let this information discourage you, because it is really easy to do. In fact, all fast growing shade trees of the willow family are so easy to root that you probably can't do anything to mess it up! If you cut it, it will grow.