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Willow Hybrid

Willow Hybrids grow 33% faster than hybrid poplars. A one foot tall willow can reach up to 20 feet in its first year! Known as the Salix Hybrid, they do not sucker, they grow from Canada to Florida, although the actual growing zones are 3 through 8. These trees are nearly impossible to kill. All you have to do is put little effort in, and you will have the fast growing tree that you want.

Willow HybridUses for the Willow Hybrid

The Willow Hybrid is such a fast growing tree that it is useful for any landscape use that you desire. It can make a quick hedge, or it can grow into a beautiful large tree with the proper pruning.

Have you ever roasted marshmallows over a campfire? Use the Hybrid Willow's small branches for the perfect roasting stick. The Hybrid Willow is perfect for making soft wood cuttings.